High Performance Drainage System

Ultra Drain is the ultimate solution when it comes to drain requirements

The Ultra Drain Plus Range

Available in four different sizes 


The Ultra Drain Plus 45 is completely flexible and ensures concrete isn’t compromised.


The Ultra Drain Plus 75 is suited for numerous applications both indoors and outdoors.


The Ultra Drain Plus 100 provides a high tensile top and consistent extruding qualities.


The Ultra Drain Plus 130, Maestro of our range. 100% recommended by architects.

Our Ultra Distributors

The high quality manufactured drainage system are packaged and distributed to our customers and resellers worldwide.

The Benefits

Ultra Drain comes with a Marine Grade Aluminium top which has been anodized to 25 microns to help ensure the weather durability for different climate conditions around the world.

The PVC base and fittings are extruded and molded to a high quality finish and tolerance which allows for an easy installation process and aesthetically good looking drain.

  ✔  Ultra Drain comes in packs that are easily stored and distributed.
  ✔  Can be manufactured in various lengths to suit your requirements.
  ✔  Easy to handle, easy to join and available for numerous applications.

Our Ultimate Green Linear Drainage System

Our Ultra Drain products are environmentally green drainage systems and manufactured from Virgin PVC and pure Aluminium alloy which in years to come can be completely recycled.