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Ultra Corporation Limited is a Manufacturing and Sourcing Company based in Asia. The Company was founded in November 2005.


The Company currently produces a variety of PVC and alloy products for our clients based all over the world. Ultra Corporation since 2005 has manufactured road markers, computer boxes, pool cover slats, stainless steel glass fixings and the highly successful range of Ultra Drain Linear Drainage which has proven to be a market leader in this field worldwide.


Linear Drains - Ultra drain system is the best drainage system

Our product, the stylish Ultra Drain range is presently manufactured in three sizes for all your drainage requirements, high quality and easy to use with a fourth size, Ultra Drain Plus, being available by early 2015.. All the products that we have manufactured use only the highest quality virgin raw material available for both our PVC and Aluminum related products which allows Ultra Corporation to know that we are providing quality products that will last the test of time. Ultra Corporation has the on-site facilities that allow us to consolidate containers with a various range of products, allowing our Clients a greater level of stock flexibility.


We at Ultra Corporation continue to look and source new products and are now in the position to be able to supply granite and basalt in various finishes, shapes and sizes. No matter if you wish to have a product manufactured or sourced from Asia you can rely on 100% commitment from Ultra Corporation and its staff to assist with your requirements with complete honesty and integrity.


Ultra Drain


Our Ultra Drain Base Channel


The Ultra Drain core fluted drain base has revolutionized the traditional ways of manufacturing drain bases and with the smooth contours allows for the water to move smoothly and quickly to the point of discharge.  With the Ultra Drain walling and base made out of virgin PVC material, not recycled, it makes the drain base more rigid and stable ensuring that only a quality product is being supplied to the customer.


The Ultra Drain was originally available in three sizes, UD40, UD60 and UD100 but the addition of the new Ultra Drain Plus - the UDP75 and UDP130 -  released in early 2017, further enhanced our range and gave the consumer a greater choice of drains.


Extruded in 100% Virgin PVC materials our Ultra Drain bases and plastic component’s are 100% recyclable and that’s a great contribution to our clean & green environment.


Our Ultra Drain Top Grating


Our marine grade anodized aluminum grating has been a huge break through from the conventional type of drain tops that were available like plastic and stainless steel.  A sophisticated design using a state of the art concept and a combination of choosing the correct green material has allowed Ultra Drain to evolve over the past years . This makes our alloy grating unique and much superior to other drain tops on the market.   It has numerous benefits to offer with its low weight, high strength, superior malleability and excellent corrosion resistance.


Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon. This makes it one of a handful of metals for which the availability of raw materials can be regarded as unlimited.


Around 8% of the earth’s crust consists of aluminium in the form of various minerals. Bauxite is one such mineral that has a high content of aluminium.

Recycling aluminium, instead of extracting it from ore, takes just 5% of the original energy requirements and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 95%.


Ultra Drain is engineered to a level that it can be easily connected with its unique range of fittings that are readily available for all our standard sizes of Ultra Drain. Standard PVC plumbing fittings are used which makes the Ultra Drain a user friendly product and is connected by using PVC solvent cement readily available from any DIY store around the world.


There are numerous custom made fittings which Ultra Corporation manufacture to enable even the most difficult site to have Ultra Drain specified and used.


5 E’s of Excellence

The Ultra Drain System is the ultimate linear drainage solution when it comes to drain requirements  and can be used in many locations and sites.


The drain is designed for light traffic ,max 2700KGs per vehicle at 25 KM per hour.


The Ultra Drain can be used around swimming pools,ponds,decks, commercial recreation areas,residential properties, driveways and any other area that requires water removal.


Ultra Drain Linear drainage has the five E’s of Excellency.


 • Easy to install.

 • Easy to cut to size.

 • Easy to connect.

 • Easy to clean.

 • Easy to handle and distribute.

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