Ultra Drain Plus 130

875 L/M 
Open-end discharge: 0.5 Fall to Cesspit 
Vehicle Rating: 1,000 kg per inflated tyre 

The UDP130 is the Maestro of our Ultra Drain range to date.

 A great product for the architect of specifier to recommend with 100% confidence knowing that many years of research and development has gone into developing the new Ultra Drain Plus range.

This product has been specifically designed to be used where robustness is required and yet maintain a very high visual appearance combined with a large water flow of 875L/M still being achieved.

UDP130 is ideally suited for use in high-quality Residential projects and also for numerous commercial situations such as parks, retail shopping centers, malls, public swimming pools and commercial building projects.  This product comes standard with a 25 micron 5mm alloy top and is available in two different stampings, Honeycomb, which is the standard, but also the horizontal stamping which is available on request from your distributor.

Available Packing


  • 1 x 2M UDP 130 Base
  • 1 x 2M UDP 130 Alloy Top
  • 1 x 2M UDP 130 Construction Cover
  • 1 x UDP 130 End Cap
  • 1 x UDP 130 End Outlet
  • 1 x UDP 130 Joiner

Honeycomb available on request.

Width Height Pipe Sizes
I.D. O.D. Overall O.D. Parts O.D.
100 mm 130 mm 160 mm 115 mm End & Side Outlet 69 mm
Bottom Outlet 82 mm

End Outlet

Product Code: UDP130-EO

Bottom Outlet

Product Code: UDP130-BO

Side Outlet

Product Code: UDP130-SO


Product Code: UDP130-J

Right Angle Corner

Product Code: UDP130-RA

End Cap

Product Code: UDP130-EC

Construction Cover

Product Code: UDP130-CC