Ultra Drain Plus 45

Waterflow: 875 L/M 
Open-end discharge: 0.5 Fall to Cesspit 
Vehicle Rating: 1,000 kg per inflated tyre 

Ideal for where shallow screeds are required to ensure the concrete integrity is not compromised. Available in 2000mm lengths with a spigot that is completely flexible as to where it is to be fitted and for larger water flows a 60mm bottom outlet is available. In-built 6 degrees fall within the channel.

This product with it’s a high water flow rate of 330 L/M allows for it to be used in a balcony, driveway, kitchen, wineries, pool and landscaping applications.

Available Packing


  • 1 x 2M UDP 45 Base
  • 1 x 2M UDP 45 Alloy Top
  • 1 x 2M UDP 45 Construction Cover
  • 2 x UDP 45 End Cap
  • 1 x UDP 45 Spigot
  • 1 x UDP 45 Joiner


  • 2 x 2M UDP 45 Base
  • 2 x 2M UDP 45 Alloy Top
  • 2 x 2M UDP 45 Construction Cover
  • 2 x UDP 45 End Cap
  • 2 x UDP 45 Spigot
  • 2 x UDP 45 Joiner

Honeycomb available on request.

Width Height Pipe Sizes
I.D. O.D. Overall O.D. Parts O.D.
85 mm 101 mm 106 mm 45 mm Spigot 68.4 mm
Bottom Outlet 68 mm


Product Code: UDP45-S

Bottom Outlet

Product Code: UDP45-BO


Product Code: UDP45-J

Right Angle Corner

Product Code: UDP45-RA

End Cap

Product Code: UDP45-EC

Construction Cover

Product Code: UDP45-CC